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Now Is Your Chance

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He knew his life was missing some magic. This isn’t what he wished for.

Charlie Holiday likes to pretend he is totally fine with just being a regular guy. So as far as he’s concerned, a family vacation to Florence is nothing more than an opportunity for some starry-eyed sight-seeing. But when an odd woman takes him into a café’s basement, he slips into a place he’s not sure is a dream… or a nightmare.

Struggling to determine whether he’s suffering delusions or suddenly inherited paranormal powers, Charlie enters a world he’d always refused to admit exists. But any chance of a return to normalcy flies out the Italian window when Charlie discovers he might have checked in, but he can never leave.

Can Charlie unravel his magical new existence and still reconcile with reality?

Now Is Your Chance is the brain-bending first short story in the Charlie Holiday literary supernatural fiction series. If you like mentally twisting moments, humorous asides, and a dash of paranormal possibilities, then you’ll love Bradley Charbonneau’s thought-provoking trip.
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