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Wondering when that "higher self" is finally going to make an appearance?
The one who's supposed to give you guidance, clarity and power?
You're pretty sure there's "something" beyond just our skin, bones, brains and brawn. 

But how can we not only reach it but then accept, believe and surrender to the point where we can trust what we learn and then act on on that information to make real changes in our real lives? 

In best-selling author Bradley Charbonneau’s latest book Surrender, you’ll uncover your own natural tools to unlock your higher power, tap into your inner genius, and boost your confidence, clarity and charisma. 

This book contains way more than words on pages. The bonus materials give you immediate access to videos, blog posts, and podcasts that enhance, explain and entice you to become the architect of your destiny. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 

  • Who that elusive "higher self" really is--and how to get in contact with him or her 
  • Who decides your destiny (and how to get in a good word) 
  • How to redefine your success based on the clarity of messages you receive
  • Simple, powerful tactics to crush your fear of failure through clarity of purpose forward
  • Why most people think it's so hard to elevate to your higher purpose and how to find it every single day

Get SURRENDER today to begin taking tiny steps towards big changes in your future!

This is book 9 in the “Repossible” Series.

  1. Repossible: An introductory guide to the question, “Who will you be next?”
  2. Every Single Day: a clear roadmap towards lasting transformation in you
  3. Ask: if life is a multiple choice quiz, this is the answer
  4. Dare: challenge yourself to truly answer the questions and rocket forward
  5. Create: you’re ready to get real about achieving your dream, here’s what to do
  6. Decide: there’s a fork in the road, you’ll now know what do to
  7. Meditate: this is the source of our creativity, power, and direction
  8. Spark: there’s only one thing better than creating: helping someone else create
  9. Surrender: you’ve done your part, it’s time to be invited to the big stage
  10. Play: we’re through the woods, it’s time to exhale, smile, and play the game
  11. Celebrate: compare your own today to your own yesterday and revel in the progress
  12. Evaluate: measure how far you've come, forecast how far you'll go
  13. Elevate: now that we're at the top of the mountain, it's time to scale up
  14. Share: tell your story, spread your success, and empower others to begin
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