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Goddamn Attitude (audiobook)

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Attitude: are you born with it or can you learn it?

That was the question on a family Zoom call after mom’s passing. The follow-up question on everyone’s mind was then, “And if I wasn’t born with it and we can learn it, how do I do it?”

For this book, I reached out to mom’s friends and family. The responses I got back make up the bulk of this book. 

“ wasn't just because she was a very attractive girl---it was also because of the irrepressible energy that was such an appealing part of who she was.”

Again, OK, attractive, maybe she’s born with that but then what’s really interesting for this guy? Her irrepressible energy. 
  • Attitude
  • Energy
We can learn and build and grow both of those. This book is how my mom did it--and how you can, too.
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