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What if you had a key to your greatest ideas? 
A special access pass to the dreams-come-true from your own future?
It's not a pill--but the word is almost spelled like medication.

No one else is involved although it sounds like mediation.

If you take it daily--like your medication--and you make a deal with the angel on your shoulder--through mediation--we can arrive into the powerful world of meditation.

In best-selling author Bradley Charbonneau’s latest book Meditate, you’ll discover secret passageways into your subconscious. Transform your past into a learning experience, take control of your present day, and create the future you've been rooting for. 

This book contains way more than words on pages. The bonus materials give you immediate access to videos, blog posts, and podcasts that enhance, explain and entice you to become the architect of your destiny. 

You'll gain access to exclusive bonus content including guided meditations through downloadable audio: 

  • Guided meditation to clarity: from a muddy and crowded brain to shimmering and shiny "big ideas"
  • Guided meditation to creativity: let those tiny, boring ideas fall by the wayside and let the creativity in
  • Guided meditation to ... what else would you like to have a guided meditation about? You can request meditations directly from the author. 

In the book you'll get access to all of that and more.

  • Why meditation is the rocket fuel to efficiency
  • Gain hours back from your busy day
  • Dig into your past and ... let go of what you don't want to hold onto
  • Get MEDITATE today to begin taking daily steps towards big changes in your future!
This is book 7 in the “Repossible” Series.

  1. Repossible: An introductory guide to the question, “Who will you be next?”
  2. Every Single Day: a clear roadmap towards lasting transformation in you
  3. Ask: if life is a multiple choice quiz, this is the answer
  4. Dare: challenge yourself to truly answer the questions and rocket forward
  5. Create: you’re ready to get real about achieving your dream, here’s what to do
  6. Decide: there’s a fork in the road, you’ll now know what to do
  7. Meditate: this is the source of our creativity, power, and direction
  8. Spark: Help others help you help others
  9. Surrender: you’ve done your part, it’s time to be invited to the big stage
  10. Play: we’re through the woods, it’s time to exhale, smile, and play the game
  11. Celebrate: compare your own today to your own yesterday and revel in the progress
  12. Evaluate: measure how far you've come, forecast how far you'll go
  13. Elevate: now that we're at the top of the mountain, it's time to scale up
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