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If you're stuck or not sure where you're going or what to do next or why or ... just All The Questions. Could the answer be: 
  1. Take more courses
  2. Learn more stuff
  3. Watch more Netflix
What if all of that "input" were replaced by even the slightest bit of "output"? Instead of reading a book on the subject you're interested in, what if you started writing it? 

Fun Fact: "REACT" and "CREATE" have the same letters yet oh-so-different outcomes. 

What if rather than take in, learn, figure out, or even listen, it was time to let it out, to make or do or just plain create?

What if?

Welcome to CREATE.

I'm brand new to this platform (PayHip + BookFunnel) so please let me know how the process works for you. 

CREATE: What to do when you don't know what to do.
You will get a TXT (67B) file